About me

I grew up in Sandviken, a working community not far from Gävle. Moved to Enköping in the early 80s where my husband and I built a house out in the country. I had the privilege of seeing both of our children grow up in that house and today I am happy that they live the lives they do.

Life is the Essence I draw strength from. That's not to say that I'm always happy, the pain is part of life, but I don't get stuck in it like before, but can see that it helps me to become more and more true to myself. I am free to be who I truly am.

My commitments

Dance has followed me through the years. Danced classical ballet during the middle and high school years to switch to jazz ballet during the high school years. To facilitate my son's interest in dance, I was one of the initiators of starting the dance club ENA Bugg & Swing in Enköping. There I was engaged and active for 10 years, above all in arranging the dance camps, but also as an inspirer to expand the repertoire of dances. In the last few years, I was part of the Danssportförbundet at the national level to develop the training of trainers.

Co-creation is an important concept. Collaborating with others leads to results beyond borders. In my work, I discovered early on the value of collaboration with other professional categories and various authorities such as psychiatry, social services, the insurance fund and the employment agency. Applied for and received funding for a collaborative project called "Youth outside" which culminated in Röda Villan .

Holistic view of man, where the soul speaks through the body, is of course a matter for me. When the soul wants to be heard, the body speaks out, either by giving physical or psychological symptoms. Has a special commitment to children who do not enjoy school. Many of them receive diagnoses such as ADHD and Asberger's. What if we could learn to listen to these children's stories instead of giving them medicine! See the film and website about the method called (follow the link by pressing the text)  The dream of the good 

The New Earth that we can sense is on its way, I want to be a co-creator in it. I am passionate about creating a humane, humanistic society where every person gets his due by standing up in his power. A sustainable society for our children and young people. In 2012, I took the initiative to start the association Enköping's Gröna Hjärta .  and in 2017 I took the initiative for the association Health City Enköping in Dr. Westerlund's Anda . Both associations are now defunct. I have also arranged summer events at Härjarö Gård  during the years 2019-2022. These events have evolved in everything from Esoteric Wisdom to Liberating Dance, Liberating Song, Kundalini Shaktipat and most recently Living the New Earth. These weeks have meant a lot to the place Härjarö, to people who participated in the event but also to me personally.