Thank you Karin! I don't have words for how significant this session was. In my meditation afterwards came a joy and I felt like I was literally wrapping my daughter in cotton. It was incredibly liberating, a fabulous lift!

Åsa P, Uppsala Sweden, june 2024

I can't express the clarity and empowerment I received from you Karin! My visits were life changing to my perspective of myself! I would recommend (and have) to all my friends and family! Your a gift to this world! Thank you for helping me!

Amy Storms, Florida USA, june 2024


With gratitude, I finish the five coaching sessions with Karin.

Through her unique way of channeling and through toning, she has come into contact with the energies of the universe, refueling messages, images, energy that have touched my questions.

I have been guided by her warm, empathetic, clairvoyant, insightful and humorous professionalism that has helped me transform old traumas and beliefs.

I have received an answer. The messages have been clearly delivered and of great value to me where I am in life.

They have cast a spotlight on my continued path in this life and given me more life force.

I highly recommend her.

Anna L, Skåne Sweden, may 2024


Can highly recommend Karin!

Karin has a psychological background but that was not why I chose to book her 5 sessions.

She is also "connected" uses Light language and receives, among other things, angel contact.
That's what caught my attention!

It turned into 5 exciting, deep, interesting and inspiring meetings. I am so grateful
You just ask the questions and a new world opens up....

The sessions are either in Swedish or English

Katja Wottke, Höganäs Sweden, feb 2024

I have just completed 5 sessions with Karin, over the past 2 months, and oh my, what a journey it has been! Taking me through many varied landscapes of life and timeframes, and expertly guiding me to a place of expanded prescence and peace. 

Along the route there have been meetings with some shadows, all allowed to surface in order to be released. The discovery of a childhood trauma which had blocked sexual energy in my body led to a further 'key', to unlock an original incident of abuse in my female lineage dating back to the 1300's. Imagine to be able to heal, not only for yourself, but for so many gernerations of women!  

Through my deepened ability to listen to my body, I have been able to set better boundaries and to take my space in life, in all areas. Making choices that lead me to increasing harmony, safety, and ease of being. 

I now feel free from anxiety and fear and can trust fully my own inner guidance and more developed intuition. I walk confidently on my path, with joy and gratitude.

Lotta, Göteborg Sverige, dec 2023

I have received healing and channeled guidance from Karin several times. It has always been valuable. Karin is a very clear channel and I feel safe with her way of working. Her services have helped me move forward in my spiritual and personal development.

Anna, Enköping Sweden, nov 2023


Karins channeling brings forth vital information I seek about myself in the most gentle, loving and confident manner. Her gift and wisdom helps guide me at crossroads in my life. I came away from our sessions feeling refreshed, energized and inspired.
Carol Sherman, Chicago USA, sept 2023


I never cease to be amazed by the clarity and precision of information that comes through when the channel themselves holds such a high frequency of pure intension with purity of heart. Karin is such a channeler! Life changing! Eternally Grateful!!!

Christine Athena Medici, USA, sept 2023


I have previously consulted Karin in order to get clarifications about my life mission. In only half an hour I got a lot of new valuable information, that I have been able to use in my daily life since then. I therefore decided to go for the full package, and bought 5 full hours of consulting. That turned out be be one of my best decisions in my life regarding my childhood traumas.

The shift between Karin and a helper from another dimension, works extremely well. The Helper, Rafael, Michael, Metatron and others are able to see issues, that I am not consciously aware about, and Karin of course could not know about. For me situations came into light, that I had absolutely no rememberance of at all. The situations that came up like this, had of course a big relevance for my back pain and further explained a lot of issues regarding my personality. I have never been able to remember anything from my childhood, but small bits, before the age of 12. With this technique I suddenly began to remember some of the situations that were most difficult for me, and that caused some of the traumas. I began to remember seing my sister receive the love I hungered for. I began to see why I slowly created a shield around me, that was extremely effective, but also prevented love from entering my heart.  Shedding a light on such matters enables me to understand myself better, and address these issues directly. Some times situations from past lives came up, situations that also explained some of my issues in this life.

I did not ask for chilhood traumas to be addressed, but they came up, because that is what is necesssary for me to deal with now, in order to be able to proceed with my journey in life. I am extremely grateful for this. For 40 years I have known that I ought to look into this subject, but have never been able to. Through 5 sessions only, I now have gained a profound understanding of what happened, and how it has shaped my life until now. Now I am able to deal with it, and continue my growth in life. I am now considering buying another 5 hours, to get deeper into these matters.

I can only give Karin my highest recommendations. 

If you want further insights into yourself, your past, present or future, I clearly recommend taking a talk with her. Enjoy, I did! 

You can book her through her homepage: Home | addessence.se

Robert Klujeff, Denmark, oct 2023
I am - as a Swiss virgo - quite rational and used to find necessary answers on my own. I received a channeling with Karin as a birthday gift and wasn't sure what to think or expect of it.

As a preperation, I was asked to bring questions with me, and - in hindsight - it is worth spending some time for that to get the best out of the time with all the guidance Karin can invite and channel. The questions, from what I have understood, are actual doorways and allow the information coming through Karin to go deeply within.

The channeling was very personal, profound and absolutely helpful - I would even call it transforming. The messages I have received helped me see the origin of life long unconscious patterns in my relationships which was touching and freeing at the same time. Being seen and becoming conscious on that deep and loving level allowed me to change them right away - a true miracle.

I am immensely grateful for Karin's gift. She is very warm-hearted, clear and precise in what she receives, and I love to hear her speak light language and sing - these unusual frequencies touched and worked with me on a level I do not understand but experienced. If I have further questions, I will not hesitate to contact Karin. Why struggle any longer when our guides are waiting to speak through Karin to us ... So if you are looking for a very special gift (also for yourself): THAT:S the one!

Vini Gassmann, Switzerland, nov 2023


Poem - Past and Present Connecting

I’ve been taken back to the past,
            Surrounded by ancient walls,
Often feeling this place in my heart,
            With its mystical, powerful call.
Sitting among the broken rocks,
           And where I am alone,
Feeling sadness and confusion
            Sheltered in this cave of stone.
Beyond the cave’s entrance,
           Lies danger, death and evil,
But somehow I’ve survived
           Beyond corruption and betrayal.
A knife has wounded my body,
           But worse is my battered heart,
For those that I once trusted,
           Are pulling my people apart.
Praying to Source for help
           To see my path’s direction,
To get beyond this deep despair,
          Gaining back strength for my passion.
Inside I’m feeling fear and doubt
       About achieving my mission,
Questioning my true purpose in life,
       Blocked by questions and indecision.
Remembering how I connect with people,         Through listening and counselling,
Leading others out of pain and sorrow,
  Reviving their joy and love into the flowing
Recalling those I’ve helped
      With Divine energy running through me,
Now re-connecting with Source,
     Feeling that Divine Spark so clearly.
I’m ready now to move forward,
         No longer second-guessing,
My confidence now restored,
         Leading with Sources’ blessing.

Anonymous nov 2023