Package A
5 sessions á 60 min where we meet every or every second week. You will have guided messages and personal follow ups .
Price $ 500

Package B  
2 sessions á 60 min where we meet during 6 months time. You will have guided messages.
Price $ 250

Single session
1 session á 60 min. You come with your questions and will have answers from the guides.
Price $ 160

Free session

15 min session to found out if this is right for you.


What drives us to addiction? We want to escape, avoid or simply avoid feeling unpleasant emotions such as anxiety, worry, depression, sadness and restlessness. What can we do instead? I tell and demonstrate alternative solutions.

Trauma What happens emotionally when people are exposed to trauma? I demonstrate on stage with chairs and fabrics to make it clear. More about feelings

From self hate to self love? My journey from darkness to light, from nobody to somebody. What made me risk everything? 




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