For those who want to expand their consciousness

You know that you are Divine and part of the Divine Field and you  know that you are ultimately energy that vibrates at a certain frequency.

You would like an answer to one of the following questions:
  • What are my passions?
  • What are my gifts?
  • How can I expand and reach my highest potential?
  • What are the signs that I am following my truth in the flow of Life?
  • What is my next step?
  • How do I raise my vibration?
  • What stops me on my journey?
  • What are the root causes?
  • What opens more doors?

What is channeling, light language and toning song?

Being a vessel for incoming lovefilled messages from archangels feels like grace and bliss. I surrender to being a channel for information from these higher dimensions while having access to my experience as a psychologist. So you get access to the best of two worlds, the psychologists and her guides wisdom.

You first receive a general message and guidance regarding your unique life situation and then answers to your personal questions. This means that the information conveyed is relevant and exactly what you need in the moment, enabling a shift and a transformation.

Something else that helps your expansion is that I use light language and tone singing during the sessions. This increases your life energy and is transformative in itself as it conveys light codes that activate your light body.

The language of light and the toning singing open up a channel to my guides. Here I receive information through the heart in the form of sensations in the body and internal images. This is my soul's way of communicating.  

What I do is a deepening of what I previously did! Here I combine disciplines so that you get the best possible from our sessions.


To be like new!