This makes me feel good!



I have 28 years of work experience as a licensed psychologist. Have met more than 3000 people in my work. Each person as perfect and amazing as life itself.

Started my company in 2007. The driving force has been my own search and my own longing to find the answer to what life is really about. Maj-Britt Lindahl has been an extremely important person for my personal development, both as a teacher, psychotherapist and supervisor. My spiritual development began in 2006 with mindfulness courses that continued with courses in esoteric and spiritual guidance where Monica Ljungberg-Öhrn has been an important source of wisdom.

Now I have found my answer! Which allows me to share what was given to me, namely paths to more love, joy, power and magic. Welcome!

Tree of Life

The tree of life that I love.
Is an ancient symbol found in myths around the world. The tree is a symbol of Life; its cycles, vitality, wisdom, communication, health and wholeness. The tree unites heaven & earth, with its roots deep in the earth and its crown high in the sky ~ an ancient archetypal image of Wholeness.

Once upon a time far away, there was a tree as close by as the Heart can imagine.