From darkness to light
From nobody to somebody
From self hate to
self love

Is this what you're looking for?
Then you've come to the right place!


Have you ever thought "Is this all? Is life really not about anything else?" You are looking for something more. You want a change and preferably yesterday!

You want to get in touch with your truth - your essence - your soul to get answers to any of the following:

  • What is the meaning of life?
  • Why do I feel so bad?
  • How do I find my inner strength?
  • What can make me dare going outside my comfort zone?
  • What can make me feel good?
What stands between you and the life you desire?

Our childhood has shaped us more than we think. We may have experienced trauma that we don't remember because we were too young. From this follows vulnerability and beliefs that make us hold back or live out our feelings. 
More about feelings

Suppressing our true feelings, denying pain and traumatic experiences literally imprisons us in the past and forces us to repeat childhood behavior patterns over and over again. Behavioral patterns we learned as children in order to literally survive.

What to do?
What difference can some calls make?


Feelings are allowed to speak, they can be expressed and acknowledged.

You can access memories so that the trauma is discovered. With the help of our guides and their divine guidance, we can also access memories from early childhood and past lives.

You can thus get the compassion you have long felt the need for. Gaining an understanding of how you felt as a child means that you can get your needs met once and for all. 

Beliefs (negative self-talk) that have followed you for a long time can be discovered and transformed into something positive. This with the help of methods that suit you based on what your guide recommends.

Five conversations over two months can go a long way and can revive the spark of life, open up to more self love, and the realization that you no longer need to hold yourself back, you ARE someone and you are important!

Welcome to book an appointment for a free consultation and see if this is something for you!