I love life! Inspiring Life is my driving force. There are so many amazing things to discover along the way!

What does AddEssence mean? 
Getting in touch with your soul, your essence, your full potential which opens up to Life's infinite possibilities. 

Karin Fjällström
Phone   - +4673 - 615 24 94
E-mail  - addessence@live.se


My vision is that Enköping municipality becomes a City of Health. People from all over the world come here to get help with their mental illness, just like during Dr. Westerlund's time at the beginning of the 20th century. We have much to thank him for. 

The vision includes building the house on the old Stattomten with a building that represents Health in Dr. Westerlund's spirit. The name is Hälsans Stads Hotell. Here there are business activities on the ground floor that have connections to Health. A few stairs up is a hotel that offers a large spa facility and rooms for people with electrical allergies. Of course, there is also a restaurant here that serves locally grown food for vegans, vegetarians and those with gluten allergies. Premises for community, parties and events are part of the City of Health.

The vision also includes a Retreat Center for Healing and Expansion at Härjarö Gård. A great place for retreats, recreation and treatment. In the winters, I see a Team of people who offer a course program for people seeking help for their and/or their children's mental illness. Everyone wants help with healing, to see their gifts and find ways to live their full potential. 

In the summers, events are arranged that attract people from all over the world who want to expand their consciousness and be part of the creation of the New Earth.  

All communication back and forth to Härjarö has been resolved smoothly, applies to both Enköping and Arlanda.The bus connections have been extended to also apply to Härjarö, during the summer a direct connection. On the road signs that refer to Härjarö there is a symbol for Retreat Center.