Our emotions help and guide us - if we accept them just as they are.

Usually, however, we do something else with them.

Turns off - Avoids

We avoid to rest and feel our feelings
We distract ourselves with activities
We flee into addictions
We don't dare to take contact 
We think feelings are in the way
We deny feelings
We close down


Let them Take Over and Decide

Emotions take over and control our everyday life
They can come from no where
Impulses are felt and take over our lives
They overwhelm us
They run away with us
They surprise us
They ride us
They decide how we act and behave


Invites and Accepts

We stop, pause and make contact
We accept that we feel the way we do
We put words to the feelings
We draw a picture of how it feels
We express the feeling in some way or another
We use breathing to help us
We know that the feelings guides us to know more about ourselves
We can handle the feelings


Grief / Sadness

A repressed sadness can be found under the ice, i.e. under the suppressed emotions. 

When we begin to get in touch with our feelings, grief can have a chance to surface. How then do we take care of the sadness that comes? If we are not used to crying or find crying too painful, what do we do then? 


When the anger starts to come to the surface and form a high wave and we are not used to its power. What do we do then?

Or when the irritation and anger, in the form of waves, are there almost all the time and have started to take over our lives. What do we do then?

Can the anger be handled and made something constructive of?

The important thing is that the anger is expressed and that it stays where it belongs as long as it is destructive, i.e. with ourselves. 

Acceptance of Feelings

When we feel what we feel, i.e. we are in touch with our feelings and can accept them exactly as they are, it becomes so much easier to understand each other.

We can then express what we feel, without accusing the other or shrinking ourselves. We can stand for what we think, feel and do/say. This means that we open up a dialogue where we respect each other.